Customer Service Advisories for CC3

As part of our ongoing commitment to our US Government customers and to better support US Flag impelled cargo requirements, Maersk is enhancing our trans-Pacific service offering beginning mid-January 2015.  This change will offer increased value to our Military customers.


Recently, Maersk operated 4 US Flag vessels on the TP5 service providing a near-weekly US Flag service supplemented by 2 non-US Flag vessels.  This service will be eliminated by Maersk and replaced by a near-weekly US Flag service consisting of 5 US Flag vessels and 1 non-US Flag vessel.


The vessels making up this service will be as follows:


Vessel Name US Flag Phase-in   details
APL Philippines YES
APL Sinapore YES
APL Thailand YES
APL Japan NO
APL Holland NO


The first scheduled port calls of the new service will begin on the US Flag APL Singapore.  The vessel will depart from Los Angeles on 31 January 2015 and Oakland on 2 February 2015.


Port Cut Off
Port Cut off
Los Angeles Monday 4pm
Oakland Thursday 4pm