Implementation of Electronic Cargo Tracking Notice (ECTN) – Togo

Dear Valued Customer,

This advisory is to inform that it is a requirement for all cargo discharging into Togo have an Electronic Tracking Cargo Notice (ECTN). We will offer the service of organizing and providing this service to you, our customer. To provide this service, we will now request a One Time Offer (OTO) for all cargo discharging into Togo to account for administrative costs.

Implementation of OTO for ECTN in Togo:
Import: $200 per 20’ container; $300 per 40’ container
(Rates include processing fee and administrative cost to Carrier to coordinate and process the ECTN)

ECTN Import will be required for all cargoes discharging in Togo regardless of the final destination. The numbers are issued and logged electronically through (Antaser Afrique). Information is then available to Shippers and Forwarders in order to enhance Togo’s ability to identify high-risk cargo shipments.

Responsible Parties – Action Required:
Origin Maersk Line Flag Support Teams (FSTs) booking to a Port of Discharge in Togo will ensure Maersk Togo handles the ECTN via the Maersk Line subcontractor Necotrans. Necotrans has registration with and are able to arrange the ECTNs.

For short sea shipments (i.e. transit times of three (3) days or less) of containers/trailers/conventional/bulk shipments, the ECTN is required three (3) working days prior to the ship’s arrival at Lome, Togo.
For long distance shipments (i.e. transit times of greater than three (3) days) of containerized cargo, the ECTN is required no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to loading the Port of Departure.

Required Documentation:
• Booking Document / Bill of Lading – to be provided by the Shipper
• Original Commercial invoice – to be provided by the Shipper
Please reach out to your local Maersk Line, Limited representative if there are any questions regarding this advisory or current bookings destined to Togo.

Thank you,
Maersk Line, Limited