Leading commercial organizations understand that at its best, safety is a culture that permeates the whole organization.  Our experience shows a direct correlation between safety and operational performance. Safety standards mitigate risk, thereby safeguarding operational performance.

To maintain a safe and hazard-free environment at sea, MLL tracks LTAs, grades their severity, and institutes behavior-based safety techniques. Several of our ships have gone over 1,000 days LTA-free. MLL attains the highest level of safety onboard the vessels through implementation of innovative safety programs. At its own expense, MLL conducts quarterly Safety Boot Camps for officers and unlicensed mariners to build and improve the culture of safety across the fleet on a continuous basis.

Each of MLL’s vessels has safety management and environmental protection procedures that dictate required drills, tests, inspections, and critical systems maintenance. These procedures provide checklists, which must be completed and retained for safety and environmentally sensitive activities such as entering and leaving port, confined space entry, working aloft, working overside and electrical system tag-out.  To learn more about our safety procedures, please read our Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental Protection, and Energy Policy 2017.