US Flag Fleet

Our Modern and Diverse Fleet
MLL’s participation in the Maritime Security Program (MSP) ensures that our assets are always available to support U.S. government needs. We have invested over $1 billion to sustain and upgrade our U.S. Flag (USF) fleet over the past 31 years. Newer, more reliable ships reduce operating costs and improve performance as we partner with the U.S. government and other industry stakeholders to ensure USF shipping remains a highly successful endeavor.

We have the largest and most diverse USF commercial fleet in international trades. Our container and tanker vessels provide unmatched flexibility and capacity to transport cargo for government and commercial customers anywhere in the world as well as roll-on/ roll-off vessels through our subsidiary, Farrell Lines. The majority of our ships sail on a weekly schedule but our tankers are available for time and voyage charters. Our vessels use innovative environmental technologies and operating practices to keep our air emissions lower than the container shipping industry average.

In addition, we currently operate, manage and maintain ships for the U.S. government in preposition and surge sealift capacities. For more information, visit our U.S. Marine Management Inc. page.

Container Vessels
Our container ships range in capacity from approximately 1,090 TEUs to 6,700 TEUs, allowing us to offer flexible and adaptable service. To fit our customers’ cargo requirements, we can supply containers of all sizes and types.

Weekly service between the U.S., the Middle East, Northern Europe and Asia

Container vessels:

  • Maersk Atlanta
  • Maersk Chicago
  • Maersk Columbus
  • Maersk Denver
  • Maersk Detroit
  • Maersk Hartford
  • Maersk Idaho
  • Maersk Iowa
  • Maersk Kentucky
  • Maersk Kensington
  • Maersk Kinloss
  • Maersk Memphis
  • Maersk Montana
  • Maersk Ohio
  • Maersk Pittsburgh
  • Maersk Seletar
  • Maersk Sentosa
  • Safmarine Kuramo
  • Safmarine Ngami
  • Safmarine Nimba


MLL currently charters two modern tankers with global trading range. They generally carry clean products but can also carry multi grades, with cargo handling capacity ranging from deep well pumps to conventional aft service bulk transfer pumps.

Tanker vessels:


Roll-on/Roll-off Vessels

Our roll-on/roll-off vessels, built between 2004 and 2008, have adjustable deck configurations to optimize space and maximize militarily useful stowage. The size and the make-up of our ships allow us to carry a variety of vehicles, helicopters and oversized equipment. These vessels operate under our Farrell Lines brand. For more details, please visit

Roll-on Roll-off vessels:

  • Alliance St. Louis
  • Alliance Fairfax
  • Alliance Norfolk


Government-Owned/MLL Operated Maritime Prepositioning Force
MLL will provide personnel and mariners, operational and technical support ashore and afloat, as well as all the equipment, tools, provisions and supplies necessary to operate these vessels.