Implementation of Electronic Cargo Tracking Notice (ECTN) – Togo

Dear Valued Customer,

This advisory is to inform that it is a requirement for all cargo discharging into Togo have an Electronic Tracking Cargo Notice (ECTN). We will offer the service of organizing and providing this service to you, our customer. To provide this service, we will now request a One Time Offer (OTO) for all cargo discharging into Togo to account for administrative costs.

Implementation of OTO for ECTN in Togo:
Import: $200 per 20’ container; $300 per 40’ container
(Rates include processing fee and administrative cost to Carrier to coordinate and process the ECTN)

ECTN Import will be required for all cargoes discharging in Togo regardless of the final destination. The numbers are issued and logged electronically through (Antaser Afrique). Information is then available to Shippers and Forwarders in order to enhance Togo’s ability to identify high-risk cargo shipments.

Responsible Parties – Action Required:
Origin Maersk Line Flag Support Teams (FSTs) booking to a Port of Discharge in Togo will ensure Maersk Togo handles the ECTN via the Maersk Line subcontractor Necotrans. Necotrans has registration with and are able to arrange the ECTNs.

For short sea shipments (i.e. transit times of three (3) days or less) of containers/trailers/conventional/bulk shipments, the ECTN is required three (3) working days prior to the ship’s arrival at Lome, Togo.
For long distance shipments (i.e. transit times of greater than three (3) days) of containerized cargo, the ECTN is required no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to loading the Port of Departure.

Required Documentation:
• Booking Document / Bill of Lading – to be provided by the Shipper
• Original Commercial invoice – to be provided by the Shipper
Please reach out to your local Maersk Line, Limited representative if there are any questions regarding this advisory or current bookings destined to Togo.

Thank you,
Maersk Line, Limited

UPDATE: Customer Advisory Regarding West Coast Port Cut-Off Times and Japan 24*

* Please be advised that in reference to the Customer Advisory posted yesterday, all cargo destined for Japan must be manifested 24 hours prior to the port cut-off.


Please be advised that effective week 47, the Trans-Pacific service vessel proforma will be slightly adjusted affecting Oakland and Los Angeles port cut-offs.

The new proforma will start with the sailing of APL Thailand during week 47.

 Vessel Name Port Cut-Off
 APL Thailand  Los Angeles  Tuesday, Nov 17 at 16:00
 APL Thailand  Oakland  Thursday, Nov 19 at 16:00

Thank you for your business and for relying on Maersk to continuously service your global transportation requirements.  Should you have any specific questions regarding this service change please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.

Your promise. Delivered.

Maersk Line, Limited




Ebola Update: Cargo from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

The Ebola virus cannot survive in liquids or dried material more than a couple of days. Therefore, you are not at risk when receiving and handling cargo coming from an Ebola- affected country.

  • There is no risk of contagion from a person who carries the virus and who is still not showing symptoms (a person can incubate the virus from two to 21 days before becoming ill).
  • For the same reason, the virus will not be able to transmit to any materiel this person is handling.
  • The Ebola Virus Disease is usually passed on by way of physical contact and not through handling of material or goods.
  • There is no medical reason to stop the exchange of goods and business interaction with the Ebola- affected countries.

Maersk Line is taking protective measures in affected countries.

With the collaboration of local operators, we are implementing highly preventive measures in our offices and within the container terminal: regular sanitization of premises, mandatory hand sanitization, temperature screening, distributions of masks, gloves, etc. Crews are supplied with adequate equipment for their protection, and the number of external visitors boarding our vessels has been reduced to the strict minimum.

We are still running a reliable service to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, with a fixed weekly call in each port. To support the commercial environment in the affected countries and to ensure a steady flow of cargo, we conduct business as usual from our offices in Monrovia, Conakry and Freetown.

We are truly committed to help raise awareness about the Ebola Virus Disease and we will continue to strive for constant care to our staff and customers globally.

Download Maersk Line’s  ML EBOLA FACT SHEET.