U.S. Marine Management Inc. (USMMI)

Maersk Line, Limited (MLL), is a leading operator and manager of U.S. government vessels and is one of the largest employers of U.S. merchant mariners. MLL’s core competencies are based on ship management, as we have operated over 110 ships of varying types and classes. Our organization has the global reach, innovative skills and R & D resources to operate vessels of all sizes and purposes, for commercial and military customers.

MLL uses proven operations and maintenance and logistics solutions that continually improve our cost-effectiveness, performance, safety, and environmental stewardship. MLL has extensive experience operating, maintaining, and repairing vital shipboard equipment and systems in all regional theaters of operation, sometimes under extreme conditions. Our experience ensures the readiness and availability of these ships and their complex mission systems.

MLL also offers charter services with a fleet of specialized U.S. flag cargo vessels to serve our customers’ unique transportation needs. Our fleet of tankers offers flexible capacity to deliver a wide range of cargo around the world at competitive prices.

speical mission ships

Special Mission

Industry-leading ship crewing staff

MLL provides fully-crewed vessels in the required operational state anytime, anywhere, and in mission-ready condition. Due to the large number of commercial and government ships we operate, MLL has access to a large pool of highly-trained mariners not available to smaller operators. Many crew members from our roster of over 4,000 individuals are qualified for immediate assignment and available on short notice. These mariners are extremely familiar with government standard practices for ship-handling, maintenance and cargo handling. Our status as one of the largest contract-vessel operating companies significantly lowers manning risk. We actively recruit vessel maintenance and operations personnel from the U.S. military (Army, Navy, and Coast Guard), universities and maritime academies, and commercial and industrial sources.

Maintenance and Repair Global Network

maintenance and repair

MLL’s approach to ship maintenance is centered on life-cycle management, incorporating accepted principles of reliability-centered maintenance (RCM). A cornerstone of RCM is predictive maintenance. MLL routinely uses techniques such as vibration analysis, ultrasonic testing of piping systems, bore scope inspections, lube oil analysis, and vibration analysis, and thermography to detect early signs of equipment degradation and thus prevent actual failure. When abnormal conditions are found, engineers correct the problems before failures can occur. Early detection gives MLL alternatives in parts procurement and logistical solutions, saving our clients money and improving vessel readiness.

MLL utilizes its extensive network of husbanding agents to arrange for needed services anywhere in the world. Because we operate ships worldwide, MLL has a global network of agents, chandlers, and repair service providers ensuring timely maintenance and repairs. We receive exclusive discounts from Original Equipment Manufacturers. MLL negotiates ship repair or overhaul contracts for multiple ships operating in an area, which can reduce cost and obtain preferential scheduling for our customers’ ships. Our size helps us command the best rates and expedite the acquisition process. We have over 1,700 exclusive purchasing “frame agreements” for parts and services, which allow us to save money through requirements consolidation, assured part or service availability, and lead-time reduction. One important result of all these economies of scale is lower reimbursable costs for our customers.

Wide range of Ships and Platforms Experience

MLL has unrivaled breadth of experience operating and maintaining government and commercial fleets of various vessel sizes and power plants. In fact, MLL has over 629 ship years of relevant government experience managing modern ships including large Department of Defense (DOD) logistics vessels and small watercraft. We operate a variety of propulsion plants—from steam and gas turbines to medium and slow-speed diesels, and similar diesel electric systems. This spectrum of engineering plants runs a wide variety of vessels and associated cargo handling gear. MLL has experience operating virtually every conceivable type of propulsion plant and cargo handling system on the oceans today.

Government Vessel Operations and Mission Readiness

Since 1983, MLL has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to shift government vessels from Reduced Operational Status (ROS) to Fully Operational Status (FOS) with ease and minimal disruption. Mission readiness is our first priority: MLL has a record of ensuring that vessels are ready to depart their lay berths and arrive at their duty stations as required. We demonstrated those capabilities during the first and second Gulf Wars, when the military pre-positioned ships we maintained and operated were the first to arrive in-theatre, delivering mission-critical supplies to troops on the ground. To ensure that the ships we operate are always ready for deployment, MLL uses a set of proven processes based on the International Ship Management Code (ISMC), ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, and the ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS) standards. Our company-wide Lean Six Sigma program further streamlines management, crewing processes, training, and developing and executing maintenance packages. The results include increased ship availability.

Worldwide Network of Ship Brokers

In addition to the vessels that we own and operate, MLL offers the service of vessel chartering. Our company has access to a vast array of both U.S. flag and foreign flag vessels to suit any need. Our Ship Management and Chartering team manages this worldwide fleet every day to the highest technical expectations so our customers can concentrate on their business. We provide flexible voyage, long-term time charter and short-term time charter arrangements anywhere in the world. Our chartering business, like our liner fleet, offers complementary end-to-end transportation and value-added services.

Ship Conversions, Major Modifications and Retrofits

For more than 30 years, we have specialized in managing minor to complex conversions of all types of ships. From lengthening or heightening vessels to modifying their interiors, we have done it all. Based on the requirement specifications, we can assist at any phase of the conversion process, from developing a concept to acquiring a vessel for conversion, to managing the construction.