Business Opportunities

Maersk Line, Limited (MLL) posts procurement information, including solicitations, recent awards, upcoming procurements and miscellaneous announcements on our SharePoint site. Only solicitations that have contract values of $100,000 or more are posted on this website. These solicitations relate to ship overhauls, conversions, dry dockings, mission readiness availabilities, or major equipment purchases or repairs. Suppliers interested in bidding opportunities with MLL are required to follow our supplier registration process and become approved vendors. In addition, many MLL large-dollar subcontracts are announced on the SBA’s Sub-Net.

To review current solicitations, recent awards and upcoming procurements, click the links below:

  • Current Solicitations – View or download requests for proposals or requests for quotations for major procurements
  • Recent Awards – View recently awarded high dollar contracts.  These may present subcontracting opportunities.
  • Upcoming Procurements – These major upcoming procurements include requirements that are being developed but not available for download at this time.

MLL also utilizes Peoplesoft eSupplier to conduct electronic business transactions with many vendors. To learn more about eSupplier, visit the eSupplier page.

Please note: Not all solicitations are posted. Information provided on the SharePoint site is simply an additional means of receiving procurement-related information. If we have interest in your products or services, our purchasing personnel may contact you directly or send an email invitation to respond to solicitations.

Procurement Policy

The posting of procurement-related documents, such as solicitations, amendments, and award announcements on MLL’s website is for information only. Interested parties may submit offers based on the postings found at this internet site. However, MLL makes no guarantee as to the timeliness or completeness of the posted information, including the posting of time-sensitive amendments or the cancellation of requirements. Thus, we strongly recommend that offerors contact the person listed in the solicitation to verify the information at this internet site and/or obtain a copy of the solicitation directly from MLL.

Offers must be submitted according to the instructions in each solicitation. Submission of offers is not authorized by any method not stated in the individual solicitation, including submission of offers via the internet. Submission of offers via the internet is not authorized at this time due to the inability to authenticate the origin of offers and to ensure the security of procurement- sensitive information against unauthorized disclosure to competitors and others.

Offers must comply with the terms and conditions stated in the request for proposal (RFP). Any deviation from these terms by an offeror must be clearly stated in writing, preferably in the form of an attached cover letter. Otherwise, the offer will not be considered for award.

Procurement Ethics

One of our major strengths in supporting our customers is through building strong supplier relationships. Our suppliers are a valuable and integral part of our business process. Our relationships with our suppliers must be based on open and honest communication, mutual respect and common interests that will allow us to move to the next level of performance excellence. We seek suppliers that are both financially sound and responsive, and that can satisfy both MLL and our customers with top-quality, technically excellent, affordable products, delivered on time.

MLL has a strong code of ethics governing our relationships with our business partners. We are committed to a procurement process that fosters fair and open competition, is conducted under high ethical standards, and enjoys the complete confidence of the public. Our policies prohibit the acceptance of any business courtesy that might constitute (or reasonably be perceived as constituting) unfair business inducements; violate law, regulations or policies of the company; or cause embarrassment or reflect negatively on the company’s reputation.

Our policies generally prohibit our colleagues from offering or accepting courtesies, except for meals, promotional items, and courtesies that are modest, infrequent, and reciprocal to the extent possible. We respectfully request that your teams become familiar with our policies regarding gifts, entertainment and gratuities, and abide by them throughout the year.

We look forward to working with you to deliver the best possible service to our customers.